In the air

I’m sitting in a car on a sunny day listening to “Majesty” by a band called Delirious.
My eyes are being treated to a feast of small cotton-fluff clouds floating over the vast expanses of the Lincolnshire Wolds.
I’m imagining a multitude of people all looking up to the skies. They are the church, the bride of Christ and they are looking upwards, waiting for the Groom to appear.
An intense buzz of electric expectation is emanating from this crowd. They are filled with joy, brimming with hope, radiant with love and vibrant with energy. Song after song is bursting out and desire for him is rising up, so pleasant to breathe, so intoxicating, so beautiful.
We are a multitude clothed in white by the Groom. We span the generations but all are now young. We speak many languages but now there is only one tongue, singing intimate words that only lovers share. We are a myriad of colours, a plethora of identities and an abundance of experiences but now we are a single entity. We are his bride and he loves us dearly.

He is coming. First, a spattering of sweet raindrops upon our faces and we cry in delight. With unblinking eyes and delicious smiles as wide as our mouths will allow, we sense the arrival of his presence. No longer can songs fall from our lips for awesome wonder is upon us. He is our champion, our hero and our king. He has done that which we could not do and we adore him.

His love is so fierce, so pure and so powerful. I know instantly that it has no limitation, it has never stopped and it never will. I am utterly and completely loved and the knowledge is all-consuming. I am weeping, all are weeping, from the intensity of this love. Nothing could prevent him from coming for his bride; not the filth of our crimes nor the torment of the cross. He leapt forth from heaven and rode out to meet us.

Suddenly I understand why we shall meet him in the air and not on the ground! The air is where the desire of the church rises up from earth to meet with the descent of love from heaven.

We are besotted with you Jesus and you only have eyes for us. There is only one bride, no other to share your love. You have named and bought us with blood. Our white garments are robes of honour and dignity. We are perfectly loved and love you dearly. You make us feel a thousand feet high but you are higher still.

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