Changing fields by Keith Hazell

Nova and I spent some time recently driving through the rural areas of Southern Alberta, between Lethbridge and the US Border to the south of us, on our way to a family camp.

We have been driving this particular route for more than 20 years during the summer and so it was familiar to us.

A changing crop

As we travelled we were observing the fields through which we travelled with interest. For more than 15 years those fields at this time of year would be and endless vista of standing ripened grain. However, over the last five years we are seeing a dramatic change.

The fields that were once filled with great serial crops, are now a great yellow mass of canola ( rape seed) waiting to be harvested. So these have now changed dramatically , and I believe that there is a spiritual truth contained in this analogy.

Recently, flying on a small plane from Calgary we could see the same effect from the air. This means that what was once staple harvest in our area has now changed dramatically, and there are real changes needed to cope with this.

A different harvest

As I talked to Nova about this phenomenon I realized that the Lord was speaking to me that we were coming into a different kind of spiritual harvest than before. Whether we see it from ground level or from Gods perspective above, we have to face that the harvest we are about to reap is of an entirely different kind than that we have reaped in the past. It will look different, it will smell different, and require a re-tooling of our harvesting equipment and methods.

One of the things that impressed me is that the grain harvest of the past was one which was hard in substance and which had to be ground into wheat, but canola after pressing will turn into oil, and can quickly and easily flow out into the nations.

Jesus said, “Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, they are ripe and ready for harvest.” As we drove we were looking and realizing that nothing could be the same with this harvest. As we looked we needed to see, that it would have to reaped, stored and processed in an entirely different way than that which had gone before.

Be quiet and listen

As a child , I spent much time on a grain farm in the UK, riding with the farmer on his tractor. One day he took me to a field to see if we should harvest the grain . He switched off the tractor and said “Shhh! Be very quiet.” After a few minutes he said “Not yet we will come back tomorrow.” I asked him why we had to wait? He replied “When the harvest is ripe, if you are really quiet, you can hear the wheat heads cracking open.”

I remembered this and asked myself if I was quiet enough to hear God pointing to ripened fields or if I was too busy moving the equipment into the field? The Lord has impressed on me that this is a time of ingathering but not like any previous one at all, and listening for the Holy Spirit was a needful factor.

Until now, we in the Body of Christ have been gathering in the corners of the field. According to the Old Testament this was reserved for the widows, orphans and strangers. The master’s portion was the whole field.
This new ingathering is not huddling in the corners of the field but we are to ready to reap a full harvest.

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