From a human point of view we might mistake him for appearing distant.
Such is the grandeur and terrific sense of majesty surrounding him that it might seem right to conclude such a being would have no reason to be interested in us.
He gazes across stars and planets. He breathes in the vast ocean of Space. Yet as much as he inhales, it does not compare with the life he breathes out. Nothing is dead, whether inanimate or animate, immaterial or material, it matters not. He spoke all things that are into existence and continuously and forever more, he breathes it all in and out. He is always creating, it never stops – life is relentless.

source: www.blogs.nature.com
Don’t ask him where he came from or enquire as to where he is going. He is both the journey that never started and the one that does not end. And so from a human point of view it is possible to mistakenly think he must be distant and aloof.

I stood among the crowd that had assembled for the celebration. We were a vast sea of faces as far as our eyes could see. A shimmering, twinkling haze like the sparkle of the sea on a warm summer’s day rose from within us. We were beautiful. The purity of our white clothing felt as fresh as the morning and our faces were just as young. We were innocent and carefree, at perfect peace with ourselves and at liberty to enjoy each passing moment as it came. There was no sense of tomorrow or yesterday, neither future concerns nor past troubles to hinder us, we were free.

Yet whatever elation we felt at ourselves, it was not where our thoughts were focused. We were waiting for him to appear. From a human point of view, there would have been a danger of viewing the occasion as merely the procession of the great ruler to whom we were subject. Surely we had no part in him other than to obey and live in the safety of his lands. But whatever ‘human’ meant before to us, it no longer meant the same. To be human now was extraordinary. Even while we awaited his arrival, he was engaging each one of us in conversation. This was no mere ‘ruler of lands’, this was the lover of our hearts.

Everything we were, from the tiniest speck of hair upon our bodies to the innermost yearnings of our souls, bore his marksmanship. So it was really no surprise that every voice was raised in song, every arm outstretched, every eye uplifted and every heart a drum beating louder, so that a huge orchestral of noise boomed like thunder. We were the celebration and we were assembled to sing the love song of Christ.

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