Golden Days!

Isa 43:19 Nova and I have just finished a great weekend here in Lethbridge celebrating our 50th wedding Anniversary! It was a fabulous weekend well orchestrated by our family totally for our benefit.
On Saturday we went to a reception in the afternoon that was organized, catered and directed by our children, their spouses and our grandchildren.
We laughed and cried as various ones bought their contribution to the afternoon. Some of the events were funny others were more serious. There was a great slide show in which we followed our pathway to life up to this present time.

We had a great group of our friends and family from near and far who came to wish us well and celebrate with us. We received mountains of cards, gifts and gift cards from all and sundry. People travelled from Montana to be with us and we received congratulations from Taiwan, Turkey, UK. Scandinavia, Germany and all around the world.
There were artistic productions for us in the form of memory books, and graphic illustrations.
We are so grateful to God for so many fruitful years together in the Kingdom, walking with God and with each other through so many victories and tests. To see our family walking with God and actively involved in the Kingdom has been the greatest testimony that we can have of prosperity. This is of more value than a million dollars in the bank.

So heartfelt thanks go out to our family and friends around the world for making this the “special anniversary” that it was supposed to be. Thanks for the prayers of so many of you, which have sustained us through many years of service to the King.

Coming soon
We, Nova and Keith, will be flying to Norwich in the UK on the 15th of October and returning to Lethbridge on the 4th November.

We are taking this trip in faith, as Nova is still not really progressing at the speed we had hoped, and so we desire your ongoing prayer for our travelling and health.

We will be in Norfolk mostly, working with Mike Betts and the other team members that we are involved with. Our principle purpose in going is to be a part of the “Together in the East” conference that Mikes Team is holding. We will have the honour and pleasure of being with Terry Virgo and Julian Adams as well as Mike himself for this vital gathering of those leaders and members of the churches covered by the Team.
In addition we expect to be in Lowestoft with the church there and in Norwich for some meetings. Doubtless we will find ourselves in some other of the churches in East Anglia as the Lord leads.
We much covet your ongoing prayer for us as we step out once again in the Kingdom cause.

Blessings and Grace
Keith & Nova

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