Transition by Mike Betts

Mike Betts on Lowestoft Beach

Change is complex. At times it is energising as we view opportunities we have never had before, and at other times it can be unsettling as we mourn the loss of something that blessed us. One thing is sure, change is inevitable.

Life circumstances change, our world is changing. I do not know how people get through life if they do not have the security and peace that comes from knowing Jesus is Lord, and that he is in control of the world and of my little life in all its complicated respects. What an inheritance we have as children on God. We have already won! The best is yet to be!

As a local Church grows, develops and embraces more of the destiny God has in store for it, it must adapt, change and at times be quite radical. Much fossilization of church life in previous generations has come about, not through those who did not attend church, but through the rigid tracks that those who did attend got stuck into. May it never be so for Lowestoft Community Church!

Change is affecting us here at LCC in the senior leadership team. I have felt God quite clearly speak to me about handing over the leadership of the eldership team to Ben. This is so that I can focus on the apostolic work to which I believe God has called me. It is therefore primarily an issue of obedience for me.

Newfrontiers is changing, and a multiplication of apostolic teams with their own spheres of churches across the nations is emerging. I have the privilege of leading one of these teams. We presently serve around 35 churches in a number of different nations. This is expanding all the time and my ability to focus on the home base and on the regions beyond is stretched. We are constantly facing new doors of opportunity.

LCC is caught up in this and it is in one sense owning in heart, and sending me in practical measure, as I do this. It is not just my calling – it is our calling.

On Sundays I will still be preaching with the same frequency. I will serve in the ways I am uniquely called to at LCC and continue to play my part in the eldership team. We do sense though that the focus required to get us as a church through to the next levels of growth and fruitfulness needs to come from someone else leading the team.

We are a team with a leader rather than a leader with a team, and in that sense as a church we will not notice radical change as we thankfully are a team that shares common DNA of how we view things. Where we do disagree we have the strength and depth of relationship to allow healthy and robust debate. I praise God for the men I have the privilege of building church with here in LCC.

So, to the future. Just as I have felt God speak to me about handing over leadership of the team, we also recognize God has been speaking to Ben about taking the role on. I have the fullest confidence in him. I think Ben and Mel have been made ready by the hand of God for this season. Ben and I will therefore now begin the process of handing over team leadership; we anticipate this will be completed by April 2012. Please pray for us! We are a team together and we cannot do it without each one of us giving ourselves to this great task.

With much love in Christ


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    • David Pike on 22 May, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    Sounds like a great move!

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