London Riots

Watching the events unfold in the London riots was both amazing and saddening!

Having visited UK many times I have felt the heartbeat of the Nation.

During a recent visit I bought a prophetic word to a large crowd from all over the country. In that word God said that the country was “scraping the bottom of the barrel and would soon have to recognize that Church has the answers.” The Scripture came “behold how the darkness covers the earth and gross darkness all of the people……but your light shall arise” Watching the riots on TV and seeing the deliberate vandalism and thieving could only make for sadness and anger.

Lost confidence

It is apparent that the younger portion of the nation have lost their confidence in the Police, Politicians, the Monarchy and the Financial Establishment, and the “official” Church. They have been faced with economic stricture which sees them being constantly bombarded with adverts telling them what “they need to have” Lacking the finances for such things they have decided to simply take them for themselves, being convinced of their need.

Their behaviour has been explained by frustration, economic pressure, and a breakdown and total failure of family life and male leadership in the families.

A different gathering

Many who read this will not know that the week before these events happened another event took place in UK. This event was called New Day and was attended by 7000 young adults in East Anglia in the UK. This was maybe the largest youth gathering of any kind ever held in that region of England. For almost a week these young people met in a tremendous atmosphere of music worship and seeing people healed and coming into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In the daytimes they spent time meeting people and involved in projects on the streets in the surrounding area and towns putting feet to the Gospel of the Kingdom by speaking and acting out Kingdom principles.

This was not a special group of people of a privileged minority. These people are all subjected to all the negative situations mentioned in defence of those who have rioted. However, against the same background they have shown character and positive response because of their personal encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ. If anyone could draw this comparison for the UK media it might help them to understand that in all the terrible circumstances the living Church of Jesus is able to demonstrate that they can make a difference in the lives of young people, given the opportunity.
by Keith Hazell

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