Recession and prayer

When the things we usually do to get through life, like solving the problems and issues we all face, do not work, some start to get experimental. Some who get really desperate might even begin to pray! This is a wise thing.

As life goes by many of us are just too busy to think about God. It is not that we are hardened atheists or sceptical agnostics. We find we are just too busy with bills, children, work, decorating, and the stuff of life. This present recession shakes our routine and our perspectives, we become aware that we have no real security and are in fact very vulnerable.
Jesus understands exactly this feeling.

At this time of year coming up to Easter we remember Jesus was suddenly faced with a life changing crisis. He was facing death on the Cross. He prayed! He knows what you are going through when circumstances seem overwhelming and pressure is eating you up. He faced the same feelings. He turned to his Father in heaven as he often did and prayed.

The best prayers are always ones that we mean! A man who has fallen overboard into the sea does not find it hard to cry for help or to mean what he says. For such a man it is not hard to feel the need to cry out ‘Help!’ to plea for mercy. ‘Is there anyone out there who can help?’

God loves people, he understands and listens to people. He is not disillusioned with us that we did not pray before we had the need as he had no illusions about us in the first place. He knows us for what we are and still reaches out for relationship with us.

Many people who have never prayed begin simply ‘Jesus if you are really there help me in this situation, show me what to do, change things I cannot change for myself. I really need your help’.

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