Recession and Easter

What has the recession got to do with Easter? Well, Jesus faced a sudden crisis; he was facing circumstances of great pressure. He was facing death.

Why was this? When God became man in Jesus Christ, he willingly entered into our world and embraced the vulnerability of humanity. Faced with trouble and pressure and ultimately death, he went through it trusting in God his father.

Jesus chose to die on the Cross; it was the purpose for which he came.

In his death on the Cross he placed himself where we deserved to be. The things as human beings we find amongst us that are offensive to God; anger, selfishness, hatred, jealousy and greed were all poured onto him. These things called ‘sins’, he took on the ownership of. Everything you or I have ever done or thought offensive to God for which we are answerable and should stand before God to give account for, he took from us onto himself.

This cruel and painful suffering opened a way for any human being now to have a relationship with God where fearing punishment and judgement have no place at all. It was all dealt with through Christ taking the punishment for it.

Forgiveness now is only a prayer and step of faith away.

Belief in Christ and his death is sufficient to make it all right between us and God. What’s more, it is the door to a relationship with God.

In this present recession we become aware of how selfishness, greed and other wrong behaviour and thinking on the part of some have caused untold suffering for many. We might look for a saviour in the political or banking world, asking who will sort the whole mess out.

However we find the heart of the problem is the problem of the human heart.

Easter and the recession both remind us we still need a Saviour today as much as we always have.

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