The Last Word

“Though you are like a grain of sand
I consider you
Though I am infinite beyond comprehension
I watch over you.”

My heart replied, “How can I know this?”
For if I know I am truly loved
Finally and completely
Love that remains true to the end
And leaves no desire for anything more
Then my soul is truly satisfied
And I do not want for anything else.

When is the darkness most dark?
The black fabric is thick and suffocating
Breathe it in and speak it out
We merge together
And are one in heart and mind.
When is the darkness most dark?
In the complete absence of light
When there is no prospect of the slightest flicker
For ever and ever
There is no such thing as light.

“Though you are like a grain of sand
I find you
Though I am infinite beyond comprehension
I seek you out.”

When is the light most bright?
Into the deepest depths of darkness
The Son appears, seemingly uninvited
And we laugh at the irony.
It took an age to bow this low.
Layer after layer and day by day
Yet beyond the heart and mind
Awaits the soul and only a flicker of light is needed.

How can light say so much?
The sight alone brings a delicious thrill
But more than sight is here.
To see him is to sense goodness
And that is a truly wonderful sensation.
I feel his eyes boring deep within
Breathe it in, the liberation of perfect love
Laughter, wildness and freedom to live.

It wasn’t about obeying the rules for his sake
They were only ever set for us
For he desires our companionship.
More irony: we sing it’s all about him
But now I hear his eternal song:
It’s all about us!
A lover only seeks to love and be loved.

How can I not love back my marvellous Saviour?
I weep in your presence
Because you have revealed yourself
And the statement is final
You are the Last Word.

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