Landmark week

Mike Betts on Lowestoft Beach

Within the wider New Frontiers family we are privileged to be part of, Relational Mission is the name we have given to identify and express the momentum we are caught up in.

We work with churches across the east of England and one or two slightly further afield in the UK. However somewhat uniquely for a UK based team we also have churches from across Europe and other parts of the world caught up in our sphere of activity. We felt Relational Mission summed up this joining of hands and expressed the fresh new momentum of mission initiative we have felt God put amongst us in recent years.

This week we held our first ever Relational Mission forum. It was something of an experiment but worked to great effect. Some 20 or so guys from across the nations came together in an upper room of a converted stable in North Norfolk. They came representing our involvement in church planting and building new testament church life across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Holland, Serbia, Canada, Turkey and the UK.

All of the guys present either already have or are beginning to have a burden to serve translocally in ministry to help build new testament churches in and across these and other nations.

A landmark week

I had felt this would be a landmark week and so it proved to be. A mixture of worship, prayer and prophecy was powerful each morning as we gathered. We shared teaching sessions on key themes to equip those present to serve local churches more effectively across the nations. The smaller more intimate setting of guys together on a mission was perhaps one of the most striking features of the week. God gave to us a quite remarkable sense of togetherness and ‘brothers in arms’ feel to our time. The fellowship over meals and in the breaks was truly powerful and I believe a sense of common ownership of each others settings and callings was achieved.
I had received a prophetic word recently saying two doors were before me. One had the number 1 on it and one had the number 12 on it. If I went through number 1 it would mean seeing how much I could do myself. If I went through number 12 it would mean building team as my chief activity and then massive expansion would come.

Needless to say I am persuaded more than ever to build a team of teams who can affect nations through the fact they are all in it together.
Team is the way to go. We had many significant prophetic words in the week about touching more nations and our relational feel on mission would become more and more attractive.

For myself I feel a huge privilege in being in a room of such amazing men of God. Some of whom are in isolated places, yet they are carving out New Testament values faithfully. In some cases they are the only church with such values they know of in the whole of their nation. Please pray God keeps building what he has started amongst us.

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