The door of healing by Mike Betts

8 Nov 2008. The door of healing

I cannot help but say it now. My caution in not wanting to speak out too quickly has been overcome. I have to say that over this last little while I am now convinced the ‘trickle’ of occasional healings is becoming a small stream. It is delicate and would be easily stemmed in its flow, but it is here and it is growing without doubt. It is also accompanied usually with responses to the gospel which is how it should be. It is a sign!

In various recent meetings over the last few weeks I have seen sudden immediate and complete healings of clear and tangible issues not vague but clear. Sometimes these are through the laying on of hands in response to a prophetic word, sometimes they are when folk in the congregation standing near the person in pain or with illness place their hands on them and simply command the pain or sickness to go, whilst the person unwell places their hand on the area of pain or illness. I would also observe that sometimes one or two healings might occur. Then rather than stopping at that and celebrating if we press through and go again for the same thing we get even more.

This new thing we are seeing is not about technique, it seems to be about spending time doing it, growing in expectation God will come and simply the fact we are in a season of increase in healing activity. I long to see more healed as we are not seeing the big stuff yet. Why should we pray for the sick regularly? Because we should hate seeing people in pain, unable to enjoy life in some way or another, preoccupied and weighed down, drained by pain, sickness or disability. Jesus hates it, we all must hate it! It is the result of a fallen world not the working of a God of love. He uses it, turning it for good as he is always a redeemer, there is nothing he cannot redeem. ‘All things work together for the good of those that love God’ – Jesus can do that as he is wise and mighty. It does not mean he wants people to be sick.

There is a mystery with healing and always will be. We live in the tension of the kingdom having come but not yet fully come. Some get healed and rejoice, some leave the meeting having to handle another bout of disappointment.

We must entrust our questions to God who is always good and always wants people to be well. I have learnt to live in the tension of unanswered questions. Some things are too big for my tiny brain I entrust them to him.

I want to be part of an atmosphere where we love and care for those in pain and pray for them whenever they want to, rejoice when they are healed, weep and help them when they are disappointed. I want to kick the healing door open now it has swung open just a jar! Let the stream become a river!

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