Have you seen?

Have you seen Bobbie Sanderson this summer?
Standing straight and stretching out her arms
Smiling like a princess on her birthday
Breathing in the beauty, enchanted by each moment.
After years of wheelchair prison
Bobbie never thought life could turn around.

Have you seen little Jim in the orchard:
The boy who’s nerves and muscles wouldn’t grow?
Well he’s not so little now and stronger than an ox
Fresher than a morning stream in winter.

Have you seen the girls who were in the car crash?
Their bodies smashed and blood spilt on the road
But now you wouldn’t know it happened
You wouldn’t even know the sadness
As the music in the air fills their hearts.

The dead in Christ are singing, singing, singing
Rejoicing in the wonders of their God.
A joy beyond description and even imagination fails.
I only know that just to taste it
Fills my soul with wonder
At the wildness of the happiness to come.

How incredible to be saturated in beauty!
To live where all that exists is charged with praise
Even rock and wood applaud him
Rivers rise up to greet him
Creatures, angels, people chase him
Emotions gone crazy in their delight.

Intellectualism is irrelevant
Achievement is inappropriate, striving is pointless.
I don’t think anyone really cares about themselves any more
All agendas are gone
Complete satisfaction, boundless happiness
And everlasting contentment.

Yet all I have received is but a deposit!
What the Spirit reveals is only a portion.
The Bible only gives maddening glimpses
Of He who is marvellous.
No one will stand on his day.
Whether lovers or haters, no one will stand.
Consumed with love or terror,
What shall it be?

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