Breaking through in Alberta! by Keith Hazell

Growing in friendship and purpose
Over the last two days I have had the privilege of meeting, praying and fellowshipping with some of the leaders of our New Frontiers churches here in Alberta.
Friday Night was a special night when the leaders of the three churches: Mosaic in Lethbridge, Harvest in Calgary, and Trinity in Red Deer, met in Calgary along with some of their leaders and interns for a time of intensive prayer, teaching and interactive fellowship.
The evening was marked by a real sense of the felt presence of God. Right from the worship through to the time of social interaction at the end of the evening, we had a sense of His purpose to use us in extending the Kingdom in the world.

I was privileged to share with the gathering, using the theme of Nehemiah’s vision, purpose and mode of operation in restoring the city of Jerusalem. We saw that this had such strong application to our works in Alberta of reproduction, renewal, and release of labourers for the harvest internationally.

There was opportunity for interaction with those present and we had many contributions during the evening, adding dimensions to what God was saying to us.
Saturday morning we gathered with the principal leaders for a breakfast meeting. During this time we were encouraged to hear each of the church leaders express their understanding of where their churches are currently focussed and of their overall community involvement. These reports gave great cause for encouragement and the overall feelings of the leaders was positive about our growing impact and the sense of a rising presence of the Holy Spirit in each of the churches.

There was real appreciation of the family atmosphere and relational impact of the previous night’s meeting, and a feeling that there had been a release of relational fellowship that was significant for the future networking between the churches in the Province. This meeting will lay a pattern for others that will happen in the months ahead.

To conclude the morning, we were able to pray and prophesy over each of the leaders and their churches. There was a real sense of God speaking clearly to each of the leaders and bringing confirmation and direction to them and to their churches for future days. There were words from and to all the leaders, and it was good to see the leaders serving one another with their gifts.

Amongst the things God spoke was that we should expect to plant churches in Edmonton, Medicine Hat and the Crowsnest corridor in the province of Alberta. We will be praying into this and seeking to find those who have a vision and desire to be a part of the planting teams as the Lord gives us further direction.
These meetings will carry a long time impact on the work and ministry of New Frontiers and its churches in Alberta and beyond.

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