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Mike Betts

Close encounters of the God kind!

How to grow in God

Start a business – plant a church!


Intractable Problems

Some exceptional books

Not good for man to be alone

Death and glory

Say ‘Yes’ To God

African connections and momentum

Fascination with God

The door of healing

Enjoying the journey

Easter reflections

Landmark week

Maximum Relationship and Minimum Organisation

A culture change in prayer

The obedience of compassion

From decisions to questions

Simple but effective

Recession and Easter

Recession and prayer

God’s Recruitment Agency

Effective corporate prayer

Life, love and location

Arctic Circle

1 comment

  1. What a concise explaination of a spiritual vacum of understanding that is overlooked
    by most and an issue that is clearly misunderstood within and without.
    Your words of thought based on a sovereignty which is not His lesser love though hard to
    swallow from our finite minds neverless is real but Praise be to God not often experienced
    by mankind through His grace of forgiveness…..

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