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Cape Town Diary

22 April 2009 Cape Town Diary. Part 1.

28 April 2009 Cape Town Diary. Part 2.

03 May 2009 Cape Town Diary. Part 3.

05 May 2009 Cape Town Diary. Part 4.

10 May 2009 Cape Town Diary. Part 5.

19 May 2009 Cape Town Diary. Part 6.

26 May 2009 Cape Town Diary. Part 7.

Cape Town Diary. Part 1

“Bye, bye folorn Lowestoft for two weeks and hello Cape Town. We leave on a late Sunday morning in early April, underneath a bright blue sky for the promise of Spring and adventure.” At Heathrow Airport, the flight is unusually only half an hour late to take off. Virgin ladies in branded uniforms welcome us …

Cape Town Diary. Part 2

We land smoothly at 7.30am to cloud and a worrying temperature worthy of our jeans. On the way through customs, a courteous official asks to check my details and bag. This doesn’t normally happen to me and I was stopped at Heathrow too. Perhaps I’ve become more suspicious since our last flight, more the type …

Cape Town Diary. Part 3

Once a teacher, always a teacher – you can’t compartmentalise it! It’s a sunny morning and before I know it, a dollop of sun-cream splats over my head and a hand smears it left and right in two rapid motions like a windscreen wiper. As I struggle to comprehend what has happened, a squawk erupts …

Cape Town Diary. Part 4. 05 May 2009

Beware of Hermit Crabs! I wanted to climb back down Table Mountain but Tom insisted on the cable car and the two females didn’t complain about that. Why is it ever the same? The women take a united stand against the men even when its mother and daughter against father. Occasionally I can manipulate one …

Cape Town Diary. Part 5. 10 May 09

Give a generous tip! Our next beach visit is to a most idyllic looking place called Camps Bay. As we arrive, another smiling ‘security guard’ waves us into a position I was going to park in anyway. Once out of the car, he gives me the customary nod that activates an unspoken contract of business …

Cape Town Diary. Part 6. 19 May 09

Township Tour 1 On Friday morning, our new friend Jeremy takes us on a township tour. It’s to see some of the people who have become part of Jubilee Church. Our first stop is to see an impressive building in Gugulethu that houses Khanyisa Community Church, a church-plant from Jubilee. Once off the motorway, we …

Cape Town Diary. Part 7. 28 May 09

Township Tour 2 The last family we visited was a mother with two teenage kids. She was particularly amazing as she had been rushed into hospital with bleeding from cervical cancer. Part of a Mosaic at the Jubilee Church building Before they started to operate, she died and the doctors notified appropriate staff for disposal …

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