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Courage to dream

Coralita was born in the West Indies. Poor, rejected, misused and abused, she did not even own a pair of shoes.

Many trials of eviction, rape, a terrifying violent marriage, prejudice and near death followed but these did not deter her. A beacon of hope for the oppressed, Coralita has found favour with God and mankind for the fierce battles of survival that included an angel encounter. Often the first black teacher in the UK schools where she taught, she realised her dream to teach, influencing thousands of young lives for over 50 years. This is a story of loss and gain, pain and hardship. It is a story of victory over poverty, love over hate and peace over fear. Prepare to be challenged and changed.

“It is late at night, ought to have gone to bed ages ago, but I can’t stop reading Coralita’s astonishing story! Unwanted and ill-treated from early childhood in Antigua, she became a gifted teacher, but was forced into a cruel and abusive marriage. Eventually arriving in England with several children she had to adapt to a life of deprivation and poverty in London’s East End. Her story takes many unexpected twists and turns, but through it all runs the thread of outstanding courage, the importance of close friendships, and an unwavering faith in God. Her story is an amazing account of how a human being can suffer so much, and yet keep pressing on, believing in God’s power to sustain. This is a book I already want to give to as many people as possible!
Wendy Virgo, international speaker and author

“A real story of grit and determination of one woman’s journey of faith with God. Plucky Coralita Martin swapped the mean streets of Antigua for the even tougher streets of London’s East End to prove how God can really use those who trust in him. This tale really grabs at the heartstrings and will have readers racing to the final pages. A great example to any of us looking for some spiritual inspiration!”
Steve Klein, freelance Christian tabloid journalist and Eastender

“It is a delight to read such an inspirational and courageous story. Coralita is a truly remarkable woman and a living testimony to the amazing power of God’s unfailing and enduring love for us which speaks loud and clear from these pages.
This beautifully written message of love, hope and faith overcoming the worst of circumstances inspires us to never give up on our hopes and dreams. (Jesus
looked at them and said: ‘With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible.’ Matthew 19: 25-27).”
Maria Landon, life coach and international bestselling author.
Coralita Martin

Coralita Martin
ISBN: 978-0-955943942
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