Return to A12 to Heaven


By Phil Stoddart. £7.99. ISBN: 978-0-9559439-0-4

“Faith-building, amusing, honest and at times incredibly heart breaking. Easy to read and difficult to put down.”
Peter, Amazon UK website book review.
“One of the most profoundly uplifting books I’ve read.”
Sarah Deriaz, Bereaved Parents Network, Care UK.

“A remarkable internet diary.” The Daily Telegraph
“Their faith gave them the strength to forgive the man who killed their daughters.”
John Humphrys, BBC Presenter.

This book will be a help not only to those who have experienced the death of loved ones in road accidents, but for any who are grappling with the questions that inevitably arise because of traumatic situations. It will not necessarily answer all the questions: eg why our child? Why now? Why didn’t God prevent it? But it communicates God’s loving presence in the midst of it, his supernatural peace, and the slow process of healing. Phil is honest; he is not super spiritual; he is not ‘over it’ yet. But he has retained faith and hope in a loving God. I recommend this moving and helpful book.
Wendy Virgo, Newfrontiers UK.

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