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Cape Town Diary. Part 7. 28 May 09

Phil Oct 2008 Township Tour 2

The last family we visited was a mother with two teenage kids. She was particularly amazing as she had been rushed into hospital with bleeding from cervical cancer.
Part of a Mosaic at the Jubilee Church building
Before they started to operate, she died and the doctors notified appropriate staff for disposal of the body. But the body is more than just flesh and blood. Yes, the breathing had stopped and no heart was beating, but the spirit of this lady was now standing in a field beholding someone glorious. The appearance of this person was so brilliant she could only describe what she saw as like a pure white cloud on top of a mountain on which the sun shone down. “But”, she added, “I couldn’t see his face.”

I smiled at what she said for I knew only too well of the struggle to describe Jesus. How can you describe the appearance of someone who transcends any language of Earth? How can you begin to comprehend a person who is beyond the limits of human understanding?
Gazing on Jesus does something to your insides that is unexplainable. The sight of him infuses a perception of who he is. You don’t just see him with your eyes, you also understand instantly that he is totally and utterly good, without equal; that he loves with purity too marvellous and beautiful for human thoughts and emotions to contain. In short He blows your mind!

Jesus beckoned to this lady and indicated a way to go but she was unwilling. She was still drawn to earth and looking after her children and there were people praying for her. Who knows why she was allowed to return, but returned she did and uproar exploded in the hospital room. A dead body was alive again and the doctors were in a state of panic. “It’s not possible”, they protested, but with God all things are possible.

The lady went on to tell us of her love for Jesus, for the sharing of good news in the community and of her suffering. On one occasion her husband had hung her by the neck and left her to strangle and die. Many times she had been beaten and also raped. The witchdoctor had cursed her on numerous occasions but now Jesus was looking after her.

What is there to say about this church who are hosting us? They bus in people from the townships to their services, they provide health care to the poor. We saw the two medical rooms where they provide free treatment. They educate and train the poor with skills so that they can look for jobs. They help them find employment and they even help with legal services. They are good news to the poor and oppressed and their light shines out for all to see. What they do is systematic and sustained, with careful consideration and a heavy leaning on heavenly resources. This is their calling and it would be shameful to them if they did not do it.

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