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He Loves Me Not?

By Joanne Robinson.

“We all look for love and acceptance in our relationships and sometimes this drives us to make hasty and unwise choices. These experiences can leave us bruised and vulnerable. This book will help all of us that have been through failed relationships, especially those who are now looking to follow God’s way.”
Bev Jenkins, Co-ordinator,
Friends of the Family, Lowestoft.

An inspiring and practical book for women, full of biblical principles that apply to dating relationships and for those who are broken and disappointed by love not working out.

Women can be attracted to certain types of men who are not right for them but don’t know how to change the pattern. In this book you will read short, true life stories of one woman’s experiences of broken relationships and how her life was transformed. It traces her journey from brokenness to wholeness, from hopelessness to faith, and how she was set free from the damaging effects of hurtful relationships.

ISBN: 9780955943928
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“It was like picking up a letter from a good friend. Whoever we are, we ve all known relationship breakdowns and disappointments. Joanne has opened her heart and shared on paper, principals and truths that we all need to acknowledge before we can have or maintain the healthy relationships that we long for.”
Fiona Julian, Broadcaster and Writer.

“Ideal for anyone who is looking to understand and improve their relationships with men and build a loving relationship with themselves. Jo’s honesty about her own experiences build an immediate connection with the reader. She lifts the rug of relationships up and exposes the truth that we often hide from. Read it from cover to cover or dip in and out.”
Madeline McQueen, Magnificent Minds.

“A book that contains a liberating and encouraging message for all those women who have been hurt in their relationship journeys.”
Reverend Jorge Damasceno.

Jo is a qualified Christian Counsellor and Life Skills Coach who runs counselling, coaching, and relationship training courses in the UK. Jo regularly performs speaking engagements sharing her testimony and healing from destructive relationships.

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