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#1 Leaving England



Resources for New Nation School, Ghana
July and August were busy months indeed. After the Lowestoft Journal published an article on our imminent trip to Ghana and request for resources for the school we will be working in, a number of local people and organisations responded to the call.

A caring community
In the end, 11 boxes measuring 2 feet square were packed with educational resources, stationery, books, sportswear and equipment. Woods Loke Primary School held a non-uniform day and provided materials along with Benjamin Britten High School, Southwold and Pakfield Primary School. The generosity didn’t stop there either for enough money came in to cover the costs of delivery and enable us to buy a few special items. In particular we were able to buy a large parachute for fun activities and some refereeing resources to clamp down on those bone-crunching tackles that Ghanaians seem to delight in bestowing on each other.

The organisers of the local Pakefield and Waveney boys teams also provided us with an abundance of football kits, so we are looking forward to seeing the famous Barcelona and West Ham style strips facing up to the old gold shirts of Wolves. Mark Harrod Ltd donated some training cones and footballs and Chris Jolly of JollyPhonics Ltd provided us with a whole box of teaching resources.

Sending the boxes
A Ghanaian couple who are part of our church in Lowestoft helped us with finding a door-to-door company to pick up the cargo from our house and deliver it directly to the school in Ashaley Botwe, Accra. This type of company is being used a lot nowadays as they take away the hassle of all the bureaucracy that occurs at shipping ports and they seem to be able to reduce the delays in releasing goods. We had heard of some people having to wait months for release of goods whereas these ‘direct’ companies deliver within 6-8 weeks. So it should be around middle to late September when our cargo arrives. When Luton-based Ghana Express Cargo Ltd learnt the content of our boxes they reduced the price for us so that was an added bonus.

Leaving England
We left Norwich, England on Wednesday 28th August and flew via Amsterdam to arrive in Accra, Ghana at about 9pm. Just like our previous visit, an airport guard hailed us as we approached the airport exit and asked who we were meeting. Unlike before, when our driver arrived, the guard insisted on helping carry our suitcases to the car. I explained we didn’t need this and had no money to hand anyway but still he persisted and on the way to the car another guy ‘helped’ with the bags in the same manner. I wonder what beautiful names they called me as they wandered away empty-handed. Am I tight? Maybe but I hate being pressured in this sort of way. Airports are notorious for hassle and Accra is probably no different to many others.

Phil is author of A12 To Heaven a true account of the kindness and compassion of God immediately after the deaths of his daughters Claire and Jenny. Day after day for a whole year he recorded how his love just blew him away. “I cried uncontrollably so many times in his presence as he revealed to me so much about himself and the wonders to come.” Whatever your circumstances, if you think you’re alone, read this book and think again. If you have already met Jesus, come and be reassured that nothing is too difficult for him. There is truly no one and no thing that we can lose that can surpass what we have gained in belonging to him.

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