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From the inside out

Mike is Leader of Relational Mission, a growing family of churches from different countries. They are part of Newfrontiers, a group of apostolic leaders, together with their teams and churches, united on global mission and by core values and genuine relationships. Newfrontiers represents a worldwide network of more than 850 churches in 60 nations.
Mike Betts on Lowestoft Beach
By Mike Betts ISBN 978-0-9559439-5-9
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Does anybody get this Christian life right and if so, who are these people? Are they preachers or the regular participants in the dawn prayer meeting? Maybe they are the ones who pray out loud in the service, uttering spontaneous words of praise that could grace the Psalms? Perhaps surprisingly, ‘getting it right’ is not defined by these activities and does not even mean immaculate behaviour!

A righteous person may appear to be surrounded by calamity and sometimes behave inappropriately. It is not their intention to make mistakes because their desire is to please God. Yet when offences do happen, they know how to handle it. Do you?
Perhaps you worry about whether you’re still accepted or doubt that you became a Christian at all? Worry and doubt: gnawing your mind and crippling your walk with God. It’s time to know where you stand with God and how to walk in grace: it’s time to live… from the inside out

Mike Betts has shaped my theology more than almost anyone else I know. I’m so pleased he has now written it down into a book, packed with his winning blend of insight and illustration.
Andrew Wilson, International speaker and author.

Mike Betts doesn’t just write about God’s grace – he lives and breathes it. Any longer and this book would have been overdue!
Stef Liston, Leader of Revelation Church, London.

Written by a man whose heart has been gripped by grace, this book is full of pastoral wisdom and scriptural insight. Illuminated by down-to-earth illustrations, grace bcomes not so much a doctrine to be discussed but medicine to the sick soul and an inspiration to live the Christian life in all its fullness. The secret power of the book is that Mike has not only taught grace but modelled its fruit in leading a sucessful church and guiding and supporting many other church leaders both in the UK and overseas. The next best thing to spending a day with Mike Betts is to read his book.
Mick Taylor, Chairman of New Frontiers Theology Forum.


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