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Ghana Diary

Ghana, Africa


1 Leaving England 5/9/13
2 Settling in 6/9/13
3 Ashaley Botwe 10/9/13
4 Home from home 21/9/13
5 Just another Saturday 29/9/13
6 Schoolday for Phil 6/10/13
7 Visitors from UK 27/10/13
8 School with Heather 8/11/13
9 Ups and downs 23/11/13
10 Accra Mall 1/12/13
11 Christmas in UK Jan 14
12 Travelling. Part 1 Easter 14
13 Travelling. Part 2 1/12/13
14 End Times 21/07/14

Anomobo Beach Resort, Accra, Ghana. April 2013
Anomobo Beach Resort, Accra, Ghana. April 2013

About Phil, Heather and Tom
Our home is in Lowestoft and we are members of Lowestoft Community Church, through which the link to Ghana occurred. Phil has been teaching in secondary education for 10 years and is author of A12 To Heaven. Heather has taught most of her working life in primary education while Tom is looking forward to a year in an African school. We are not asking for any financial support for ourselves and are using our own savings.

Teachers Phil and Heather Stoddart and son Tom moved from the UK to live in Ghana for a year in September 2013. They worked at New Nation School in Accra and, thanks to folk mainly from Lowestoft UK, brought some much-needed educational resources with them.

Throughout July and August, individuals and businesses donated a variety of stationery, books and sports equipment, resulting in 11 two-feet square boxes being shipped out to the school. On this page posts appear to the left to keep you informed of progress.

About the school
Set up in 2004 by City of God Church, the school has a Christian ethos and attracts around 550 students who are taught from Nursery to IGCSE and A-Level using the British National Curriculum. It provides affordable and high-quality education and is well-regarded in the area as the quality of state education is poor and good private schooling is too expensive. The school also provides pupils with a daily healthy meal and offers employment for around 100 staff. However, most of the rooms are basic and lacking in materials.


If you feel you can be of any assistance to us please email

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    • Hattie Willow on 8 February, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    That description of your stay in Aldi Towers was the funniest thing I have read for a long time. All True!!

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