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God’s Stump

Like it or not, life is diverse. Yet wherever people dwell the divisions of colour, wealth and culture keep them apart.

God calls the church to cross these divides and show another way. Nigel Measures went from London policeman to work in the townships of South Africa. He is now a pastor in Cape Town, leading Khanyisa Community Church from which much of his insight has been explored and lived out.

His experiences will challenge and inspire readers to cross the barriers within their neighbourhoods and dare to go further in loving people, to help build beautiful, diverse churches.

“Many of the stories made me laugh and yet the book conveys tremendous integrity. The author speaks from his own very painful and yet very rewarding experience.”
John Hosier. Bible teacher and author.

“Some cross-cultural writers simply share their own experiences but Nigel goes further by offering clear advice to those who would follow his example.”
Bart Campolo. Minister, speaker and writer, USA.

“This book is full of revelations and real life encounters. I know it will bless and change you, and give you a great passion for the glorious church!”
Edward Buria. Team leader, Newfrontiers, Kenya.

“Nigel has lived what he has written and ‘earned the right’ to speak up on this subject. He has taken difficult concepts and put them in very readable form.”
Angela Kemm. Pioneer evangelist, Newfrontiers.

By Nigel Measures.
ISBN: 9780955943935
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