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Seven group studies introducing the essentials of Christian living: repentance, faith and baptism; living under grace; spiritual warfare; what the church really is; how to be an active member of a local church and sharing your faith in the world. Superb for both individual study and in small groups.

Review by Seth Hein
“I took a small group through this book. Before we started I was wondering if it was going to be too basic for some of the members as they had been Christians for a while. But as we went through the book, we found the truths to be Biblically solid as well as refreshing to go over again, even if the material wasn’t necessarily new to everyone.”

Review by Steven C. Miles
“I recently started a group for leaders using this book and both experienced and brand new leaders found it great material. One new leader liked the material because it went into more depth than the Alpha course. The experienced leaders were challenged by the reminders of the beauty and simplicity of the Christian faith. Each of these leaders is excited about the potential of using this material in their own context and giving disciples a firm foundation for their journey with Christ. The daily readings are very accessible, yet challenging and encourage responses from participants.”

John Groves (left) has been in church leadership for over thirty years. He has been the senior elder of both Kings Church Hastings and Winchester Family Church. John’s ministry now involves a wider circle of churches in the UK and abroad.